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About the Site

Dog Conspiracy is designed based on two pillars: the one is articles that we ourselves are writing about while the second foundation is a collection of works, articles and data from all around the world.

Consequently, every time we are approaching matters via the second pylon we will always provide the sources that we did utilize for the specific sections. That is because in our opinion credits have to go to the ones that did the original work (the authors of the articles if you prefer).

Moreover, our experience has demonstrated to us that by just providing a link beneath, of let us say an article, does not necessarily increase chances of someone visiting the original source. Hence, instead of just a "copy-paste" style link-reference we added the direct-links of our sources (in the sources section, at the bottom of each article); which in turn, will allow our visitors to access the original sources with just one button click.

Regarding the philosophy behind Dog Conspiracy:

It is a website that has been created due to our passion, and love, for dogs (for more details click here: About Us ).

The spectrum of data available is as follows:

Dog Breeders and Kennels: (Currently data is available from the following countries: USA, UK, Australia, Europe, Russia included).

Dog Breeds: (Currently: Over 150+ breeds available). In this section you can find each breed's history, data, stats, health info, and their scores in almost 30 different categories.

Dog Categories: How and why dogs are divided in various categories, in which category each dog belongs to, and information about each of the aforementioned categories.

The Diagram of Dogs: Consider it like the family-tree line of each dog (or the dog's origins if you prefer).

Buying a Dog for the First Time: This section will focus around anything you need to know before buying a dog (especially if it is your first time).

Dog Training: Everything around dog-training.

Dog Toys, Play and Rewards: What you need to know about dog-toys, how to use them and how to reward your dog.

Dog Grooming and Hygiene: This section focuses on keeping your dog healthy, beautiful and clean.

Dog Nutrition: What you Need to Know about dog foods, how to feed your dog and to keep your dog's health balanced.

Dog Psychology: Indeed dogs are living beings. Consequently, this section focuses on your dog's psychological aspects as well as your own psychology (towards your dog).

Diseases and Conditions of Dogs: This section is directly linked to the database of the website in which professional vets are writing about various diseases and conditions; and obviously enough the specific segment is geared towards that direction. Use the search bar of this section and type what you are looking for; as you will start typing the results will be filtered for you and by clicking on one of them the particular article will open up for you.

Dogs in Graphs and Charts: The specific section is a collection of graphs and charts that will provide you with an overall idea of various aspects regarding your dog.

Our Mobile Application: We created a mobile application (currently available for Android and BlackBerry devices) that will allow you to have Dog Conspiracy at your disposal any-time.

To Conclude:

As you can observe the website was designed to be user-friendly as well as to be an all-encompassing gathering point for dog lovers around the world.


We're independent and constantly growing. In order to improve our site, and to provide even more free content, we'd like to ask for your help!

As you can realize, all this work is time-consuming and costly (i.e. our server's upkeep costs, countless hours of research etc.); hence, we are counting on your support to keep us going.

You can support us through your donations. This will allow us to produce more content faster, to cover costs, and to launch projects that will further improve Dog Conspiracy.

You can tell your friends about us! We don't really advertise, so word of mouth is how we grow. If you like what we do, please go ahead and tell your friends about us. Share our links on social media. Recommend us to a colleague or send your students our way. We love to welcome new readers!

Or, due to the fact that we are caffeine addicts, you can just buy us a cup of coffee... and we will make it through the night.

All that being said we have three final words for you: Woof Woof Woof...

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