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About Us

Owning three of these great buddies, and one cat that pretty much acts more like the famous Garfield, we experience, on a daily basis, what a blessing it is to have dogs around your family (and yes... a cat the cat was demanding attention).

Indeed, the ones of you who are dog owners can pretty much relate with our above statement; dogs are wonderful to have around. When you are happy, dogs are happy for you and, if by any chance, you are sad then your buddies will run to your side and they will try to cheer you up. The experience: priceless!

Consequently, we created Dog Conspiracy for all dog lovers out there who share the same passion with us. A place in which libraries, articles and data from all around the world will be gathered so as for everyone to access it, for free (!), and find any info, about dogs, that he or she is looking for.

The range of data that is available in Dog is enormous and as you can guess, we will continue expanding our database.

Here, you can find (almost) anything from breeders, dog breeds and anything that may concern your dog or even you, as a dog owner (for more details click here: About the Site ).

As said, the range of data that is available in Dog Conspiracy is enormous, and as you can guess, we will continue expanding our database constantly.


We're independent and constantly growing. In order to improve our site, and to provide even more free content, we'd like to ask for your help!

As you can realize, all this work is time-consuming and costly (i.e. our server's upkeep costs, countless hours of research etc.); hence, we are counting on your support to keep us going.

You can support us through your donations. This will allow us to produce more content faster, to cover costs, and to launch projects that will further improve Dog Conspiracy.

You can tell your friends about us! We don't really advertise, so word of mouth is how we grow. If you like what we do, please go ahead and tell your friends about us. Share our links on social media. Recommend us to a colleague or send your students our way. We love to welcome new readers!

Or, due to the fact that we are caffeine addicts, you can just buy us a cup of coffee... and we will make it through the night.

All that being said we have three final words for you: Woof Woof Woof...

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