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Step Six: Additional Needed Things

Buy your dog accessories in advance
Before you take your new dog home, make sure you have all the basic supplies. These include a dog collar, (you should be able to put two fingers between the collar and the dog's neck), ID tag and rabies tag, a leash (four to six feet long), food and water bowls (steel, glass, or ceramic preferred), a comfortable dog bed, and toys.

Dogs need to stay entertained, so get your pup a puzzle toy like the Kong to keep him busy, especially when he's home alone.

Make sure you have lots of chew toys available for your puppy and keep all expensive things (like shoes and clothes) out of its reach; the same goes for chemicals and medicines. Puppies like to investigate and try everything, so make sure there is nothing dangerous around for them to sample.

A properly fitted collar should absolutely be on your checklist for your new pup
There are many different kinds of leads you can get for walking, including head halters and harnesses-the best choice depends on each specific dog and his needs.

Get a proper leash and harness for your dog. A leash too small or too large may hurt it inadvertently during its walking routine, or, worse yet, allow it to hurt others or get loose and run away.

Absolutely get an identification tag for your pup and consider microchipping, so you never have a chance of losing your best friend.


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